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Improve Group Policy Preferences Processing Time

on June 27, 2022 has recently re-launched. This is a repost of an article titled ‘Dramatically Reduce Logon “Time to Desktop” By Moving From Group Policy Preferences to Powershell Logon Script’

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New Website

on June 27, 2022 has recently re-launched. I’m working on getting a new front facing site sorted. In the meantime, the old wordpress blog can be found within.

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Who cares if one more light goes out? … Well, I do.

on July 20, 2019

While I realize there has been quite a bit of non-technical posts as of late, I wanted to continue to share things that mean a lot to me. Two years ago I was hit with news that shook me to my core. I was not aware that I could be affected in that way – it was a profound sense of loss, sadness, and despair at the news that Chester Bennington of Linkin Park had taken his own life.

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Moving to New Zealand - Part 10 - Terrorism in Christchurch

on March 15, 2019

Part 10 - Terrorism in Christchurch Since wrapping up part 9 of this series a lot has happened in our lives. We had arrived in New Zealand and were making our way, setting up our life. At that point, we were still in our first AirBNB. We arranged house viewings, purchased a car, and set off to find a place to live. It took about two weeks, but we finally found a place out in Rolleston.

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